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SELEX Communications produce and supply a wide range of products designed to provide forces with protection against the remotely controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat. These work by providing a “bubble” of ECM protection around a potential target to inhibit reception and detonation of an IED.

Designed, developed and manufactured, the SELEX Guardian provides an "electronic armor" to security forces against Radio Frequency (RF) initiated Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) threats. GUARDIAN incorporates techniques optimized from over 20 years’ experience in designing electronic equipment to counter RCIEDs.

The circuit architecture is centered around Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology, which allows all the characteristics of the ECM, signals to be fully programmable for optimum effectiveness. For example, jamming waveform techniques, such as wideband/barrage and spot, can be simply created using the SELEX Communications Human Machine Interface (HMI), called the Guardian Tactical Data Tool. These jamming waveforms can be easily applied in the field by loading the equipment externally, using either the GUARDIAN Fill Gun or a PC using GUARDIAN Tactical Data Tool Software.

Maintaining operational data security is key to effective ECM techniques. The equipment can be rendered inoperable in an emergency. Accessible from the equipment front panel or via the Personal Control Unit (PCU) but protected against accidental use, the zeroing feature allows the user to fully erase the operational jamming waveforms from the equipment.

Man-portable: using operational feedback to influence our product design, the GUARDIAN man-portable products lead the market in tactical dismounted ECM equipment. GUARDIAN-W2 and GUARDIAN-C-2 together provide continuous coverage capability from 25MHz to 2.55GHz at a nominal output power level of 10W per equipment.

Unobtrusively integrating electronic armor onto the modern warfighter, the equipment can be controlled usage the PCU, which can be mounted on the shoulder of the user providing additional control of the following features:

  • Covert Mode: Silencing of all indictors (visual and audible)
  • Zeroing: Waveform erase
  • Mute: Momentarily interrupt inhibition if blocking of critical communications is suspected (optional feature)
Uniquely, each piece of equipment uses only a single omni-directional antenna to address its full band capability.

Battery economy is a prime consideration while the GUARDIAN is designed for minimal power consumption. A choice of lightweight high capacity Lithium-ion battery technology ensures that the equipment can operate on missions in excess of four hours before battery change. All GUARDIAN systems have synchronization capability to support interoperability with other systems.

For counter RCIED applications demanding greater range performance and where space and power can still be at a premium, the compact high power GUARDIAN-H series can be configured to customer requirements. The system provides continuous high power jamming across 25MHz to 2,55GHz.

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